Do you mark emails as unread or dive right in? Here are two common mistakes you can avoid.

Women working in an office.

According to a CNBC article, the average worker spends almost 6 hours per workday on email. That leaves only 2 hours to do actual work. No wonder we spend our days feeling like we never get anything done!

When I’m coaching clients on their personal productivity, email is by far…

The simple act of listing out all of my projects has massive benefits for my productivity and mental health.

Early on in my professional career, I had to learn how to transition from focusing on classes to focusing on work projects. This shift was challenging. …

My routines ensure I make time to take care of my needs, not just my daughter’s.

Some people brag about 4 am wake up calls and 2000 calorie burn sessions at the gym before heading into 45 minute meditation sessions. It feels like it’s a badge of honor to have such a rigorous morning routine and it almost seems like, if you’re not waking up at…

Do you try to work on projects instead of next actions, or misuse due dates? Here are some common pitfalls that you can avoid!

I’ve been practicing GTD for about six years and my system has evolved a lot over that time.

I’m not a GTD master, but I’ve learned a lot since I first started practicing six years ago…

Organizing Higher

Mommy to one toddler. Personal Productivity Coach. GTD Practitioner. Lifelong learner.

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